In Honor of Mother Teresa – Post 4 of 6

August 8, 2016

The story behind the creation of Love Notes to You – Parents and Children Communicating through Love – Post 4 of 6


A little time passed and I received Mother Teresa simple forward expressing her wisdom and passion. I wish I had recorded the date. It was probably sometime in 1996 or early 1997. I continued with the steps necessary to write and publish this book. When I needed inspiration I would go to a family park in Torrance and sit away from the action of the swings and slides and just bask in the energy of love. This love filled me up and overflowed with words into my journal. I had no idea back then that this process of conveying love’s messages would become who I am.


The time approached to put my ideas and words into form. Through the groups I had joined, I found Kathy Dunn of Dunn+Associates. Kathy holds the beauty, integrity, vision, and artistic talent that created the visual presentation you hold in your hands today. Because of her, I feel proud that this is the book I wrote. I also feel this is the most beautiful book she has ever designed, but then I’m partial.


With the design complete it was time to send the books to the printer. I was excited to get to this place and prayed the end results would be what I hoped for. The proof pages came back and I signed off with my approval for printing, along with my payment. Finally, I was notified that the books were in the truck headed to me in Carson, California.


Boxes and boxes of books were unloaded into our driveway. We eagerly moved them inside to a safe place away from potential elements. I imagine everyone’s experience opening their first book is different from others. All those five years I thought I had reached out to Mother Teresa asking her to help me, asking her to write a forward for me.


I gently and slowly opened my first book to partake of its beauty and messages. As I turned the pages I wondrously realized that it was the other way around. I did not initiate the contact with Mother Theresa, I merely said yes to her prayers. It was she who prayed, probably to Jesus, to help people to share their love. It was I who unknowingly fell into the place where dreams and prayers are answered.


Post 5 of 6 to follow. To ensure you receive all 6 post and the continuing messages of love, visit and sign up for Love’s Messages.

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