In Honor of Mother Teresa – Post 5 of 6

August 9, 2016


The story behind the creation of Love Notes to You – Parents and Children Communicating through Love – Post 5 of 6


You ask, “Why didn’t you sell the books back then in 1998? Why are there still copies available?” Good question. I sold a few hundred to good friends, customers, and even a box of 40 books to the generous and magnificent lyanla Vanzant! But remember, the Internet was not what it is today. There was no social media and the big house publishers controlled book sales. O Magazine would not publish for another two years. However, honestly two other factors were at work. The first factor was with me. I clearly felt and told myself “My book is done but I am not”. I was not prepared on my spiritual path to be who I needed to be. My ego could easily be led astray. I did not yet know who I was. With no internal core of knowing everything was difficult.


The second factor relating to why the books were not sold came in during 1999. We went through a difficult financial time and had to downsize our house from 1600 ft. to 800 ft. with no garage for holding books. The movers arrived that sad day organizing their truck in a logical order to make the move easy. All the furniture that would fit into our new space was placed into the truck first, then boxes containing household items, followed by furniture that would go into storage and finally 65 or so 40 pound boxes containing Love Notes to You.


Our first stop was the single car garage size storage unit at the storage facility in Torrance, CA. The boxes of books were first off the truck and placed in the very back of the storage compartment. Then all the furniture was stacked upon each other nearly to the ceiling in front of the boxes. At the front of the storage were more boxes. Even when I wanted to get the books out, I could not. Did I mention my husband is a packrat? This move was very hard on him.


Post 6 of 6 to follow. To ensure you receive all 6 post and the continuing messages of love, visit and sign up for Love’s Messages.

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