Honoring Mother Teresa – Post 6 of 6

August 9, 2016

The story behind the creation of Love Notes to You – Parents and Children Communicating through Love – Post 6 of 5


16 years go by. We reduce the furniture and miscellaneous boxes moving the books to a much smaller storage locker. We still have no room to store the books in our small home. We recover from our financial set-back and purchase a retirement home in Arizona at the height of the real estate bubble. I spend about 13 days a month in Arizona telecommuting for work and helping my sister take care of our mother who has cancer.


The recession hits us hard, as it did for many people. We rent our Arizona home in order to keep it. Our lovely tenants stay 3 years. In 2015 they are able to purchase a new home of their own. I decide to move to Arizona while my husband closes up his business in California. In January of this year, 2016, we move the books out of storage and they come home with me. In March we hear the great news that Mother Teresa is to be canonized as a saint on September 4th.


In honor of her, I have recorded these events because I would like people to know how she personally touched my life. In my opinion she was a saint even before her ordination. And most importantly, she was always helping and praying for all of humanity: You, me, our loved ones, and the poor. This story or recalling of events is a tribute to her. I humbly acknowledge that Love Notes to You – Parents and Children Communicating through Love is not just my book, it is our book.


Because of the circumstances of my life the books are available now to celebrate Mother Teresa’s ordination.  Maybe it was always meant to be this way.  If you would like to find the direct Amazon link you can see it here: http://wendyholland.com/. Many blessings to you and thank you for reading. I hope this helped you know Mother Teresa just a little bit more.


To ensure you receive all the continuing messages of love, visit www.wendyholland.com and sign up for Love’s Messages.


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