In Honor of Mother Teresa – Post 3 of 6

August 8, 2016

The story behind the creation of Love Notes to You – Parents and Children Communicating through Love – Post 3 of 6


It was April 1993 when I received the idea for this book by falling into the silence and late 1977 when I sent the book for printing. The Internet was in its infancy compared to today. I had to turn to a hardcover book to find Mother Teresa’s address. Still, I wondered if the address in India was accurate.


I don’t remember the month or year I sent Mother Teresa my request, but I will never forget the results! I had received feedback from my friends and family on the sample pages I had given to them. They liked the idea and thought I should have inspirations at the top of each page, not sporadically as I had placed them in their samples. I sat down to write my letter explaining the book I desired to write and how much it would mean to me if she would write it’s forward. I was also moved to compose a poem that I printed on pretty card stock so it could be posted somewhere in the Missionaries of Charity’s facility. The package was sent on a wing and a prayer hoping it would actually get to her.


About two weeks later I received my answer. It was a very ordinary night. I was up late reading about self-publishing or spirituality. My husband was in bed asleep. I climbed into bed about 11 PM. Lying on my back I relaxed into the mattress, releasing everything from my day so I could fall asleep. Generally this only takes a minute or two for me to be deeply immersed.


As I released my day I noticed something was different in our dark bedroom. I perked up my senses, all of them, to try to discern what was different. There was something about 5 feet above me and just beyond the foot of the bed. I focused all my attention like a laser on the seemingly normal space in front of our wardrobe closet. Amazingly there were waves of energy, waves of love. Just like the waves in the ocean, I felt and sensed waves and waves of love washing to me and over me. They were endless and almost more than one average person can take in.


I knew immediately that Mother Teresa had received my package. In those moments I knew that Mother Teresa was already a saint walking among us or at the very least a master teacher. Probably she was both. What an amazing blessing that she would send her love, such a profound and strong love to me. I have sat with several enlightened master teachers. This experience was beyond anything I had previously, or sense experienced. I did not want the waves of love to stop and yet I could not hold my waking state any longer and slipped off to sleep awash in a sea of Mother Teresa’s love.


Post 4 of 6 to follow. To ensure you receive all 6 post and the continuing messages of love, visit and sign up for Love’s Messages.


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