In Honor of Mother Teresa – Post 2 of 6

August 7, 2016

Something unknown and unseen compelled me to write this book. Part of it was the sacred place I fell into. That event in my life was no everyday experience. I could only guess what this place was at the time. I believe now, that it is the place prayers reside, germinate, and reveal themselves to those who might make prayers come true. Because of the holiness of this experience of seeing the book in the stillness, it kept me going when my logical mind did not know what to do. The project to create Love Notes to You – Parents and Children Communicating through Love, took five years. Hundreds of times I wish and complained, why couldn’t I see the pages. If I could have seen the pages then I would know what to do, how to proceed, and what the book should look like.


Since I had no detailed vision of the completed book, I was forced to hunt and peck allowing the vision of the completed book to unfold slowly within me. I created test samples that I shared with friends and family for their feedback and ideas. I realized that no publisher would consider my vague ideas as concrete and a good business risk. Self-publishing became my road to completion.


Luck was on my side. The huge ABA book conference was being held in Los Angeles that year. I attended the bookseller’s conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center and several classes for independent authors and publishers. It was a crash course in publishing. I purchased Dan Poynter’s Self-Publishing Manual. In it he writes that every book needs a forward by an expert in the field you are writing about.


Sitting on my sofa, I contemplated this thought “If I could ask anyone in the world to write a forward for this book about sharing love, who would I ask?” Immediately Mother Teresa came into my mind. Once there, no one else could enter. She took up residency in my mind as the only person who could write the forward. If she could not write the forward, there would be no forward. I consider that she was a symbol of the Catholic Church and this book is not about religion. Will people see her love for humanity beyond religion? I hoped so.


With the decision for Mother Teresa, and only Mother Teresa, to write the forward, my course was set again. First it was the commitment to follow the idea of writing a book for people to share their love through writing their precious feelings for one another. Next, I chose the path of self-publishing. Now, how do I ask Mother Teresa to consider writing a forward from an unknown, non-Catholic person in California?


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