In Honor of Mother Teresa – Post 1 of 6

August 7, 2016

The story behind the creation of Love Notes to You – Parents and Children Communicating through Love – Post 1 of 6


This story or account begins in the month of April in 1993. It was a normal once a month Saturday that I visited my hairdresser, Carol, for color and highlights. However, this Saturday, I decided to open my checkbook a bit wider and wrote my check for an amount more than I normally do. It was a small kindness that returned enormous dividends to me personally. I left with our usual hugs and kisses and went to my car. Carol, having seen the amount of the check was surprised and came running after me. It was not all that much money, but I knew it would help her. She asked me “why?” I replied that I loved her and I wanted her to have this extra bit of money.


My next stop was to have new brakes installed on my van. I arrived a little early and opted to wait in my vehicle. I could feel the uplifting of the love that Carol I had shared. I was reading Deepak Chopra’s current bestseller, Ageless Body Timeless Mind. While I read, I fell through what is called the gap between your thoughts and emerged into the depth of stillness. This stillness was alive and palatable, and without any sound. There was a misty quality and all that could be seen was a mahogany pedestal with a giant open book upon it. The pages of the book could not be seen, but I knew the purpose within: people sharing their love with words written upon the pages. This would be a conscious writing of love. So often we are unconscious or forget to express our love. The words and feelings of love could be read once, twice, even a million times. Sharing love like this is deep and personal. If we shared like this our lives and relationships not only would they be enriched, they would be transformed.


I was deeply moved by the possibilities of this book.  When in the timeless stillness I yearned to see the pages, my mind wondered why? Why show me? Who would share these messages of love? What do the pages of this book look like? With the questions of my mind flowing freely and quickly, I popped back into ordinary reality.


I was mesmerized for hours contemplating who could use this book. So many people could use a book like this. Newly engaged couples could begin a tradition of writing their love. Married couples could renew their bonds of love. Any person exploring self-love could write love notes to themselves to transform inner negativity into love. All of these books would be lovely, but my heart yearned to write the book for parents and children. Once I decided to write the book the title came effortlessly: Love Notes to You – Parents and Children Communicating through Love – A Shared Journal.


Something unknown and unseen compelled me to write this book. Part of it was the sacred place I fell into. That event in my life was no everyday experience. I can only guess what this place was. I believe now, that it is the place prayers reside, germinate, and reveal themselves to those who might make prayers come true. Because of the holiness of this experience of seeing the book in the stillness, it kept me going when my logical mind did not know what to do. The project to create Love Notes to You – Parents and Children Communicating through Love, took five years. Hundreds of times I wish and complained, why couldn’t I see the pages. If I could have seen the pages then I would know what to do, how to proceed, and what the book should look like.


Post 2 of 6 to follow.  To ensure you receive all 6 post and the continuing messages of love visit and sign up for Love’s Messages.


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