Author Wendy Holland has released a new book!

Love is Why You Are Here

Answer the call, step upon the path, connect to your heart and soul, and live your true essence. Held within Wendy's personal journey and the divine guidance she received are the tools to speed-up your process of transformation.      

Through the heart guided practices you will integrate the truth of your inner-being into your outer life to become the person you were meant to be.

The Divine guidance within was specifically transmitted to help accelerate transformation and increase one's capacity to know and live their essence.

     This book can assist you in discovering how to:

  • Create a lasting connection to your heart, soul, and spirit so you can live more authentically from your essence.

  • Learn how your future transformed heart can assist your current heart to pull you through time to your future evolved self.

  • Receive Mother Mary's messages and transmissions of love as she shares her wisdom and great love directly with you.


Love - Liberating Your Essence provides a path to healing and transformation. It is designed to quicken your personal growth. Use it as a handbook to activate your best life.

Also available from Wendy Holland

Share your love upon the pages of your child’s book created by you as an expression of your love for your child and your child’s love for you.  Love Notes To You is also a perfect gift for grand children, nieces, nephews, godchildren, and dear children friends. There is a great need for love in our world. The place to begin knowing you are loved is your family. The Love Notes Shared Journal provides a place to create a lasting memoir of your love for each other. It is, not only, love creating love in the moment, but also a place to come back to, to know how you are loved.  Some experts say it takes 5 positive statements to cancel out one negative statement we speak to our children.  Don’t just speak positive reinforcement, write it in their book so they can read again and again.

Although Love Notes To You was created for parents and children it is also the perfect sacred journal to use for personal growth.  The size and shape make it comfortable to write upon the pages.  Love Notes To You is a beautiful book which helps a person grow and support their own self-love, recording the messages to be read again and again.

Front Cover of book, Love Notes to You
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