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What is Marconics?

Let me begin with a statement my Higher-Self gave me the day after my recalibration. “The goal of Marconics is to recalibrate your entire being, body, etheric body, chakras, heart, soul, and personality. To recalibrate all of you to the fifth dimension and seventh dimension where applicable. The goal is to bring in your Divine Presence, which is the unique imprint given to you by Source. You are unique and oneness simultaneously, but you need a higher vibration to hold your full unique Divine Imprint in form. This is the totality of your Divine Imprint, not just some of the fragments. Your Divine Presence is not just what you are here to do in this lifetime. It is uniquely who you are for all the vibrations and frequencies. Your Divine Presence is the God-breath that makes you, you.” Further, Marconics is a multidimensional evolutionary energy, directed by spirit, with intelligence that will upgrade your consciousness for your personal evolution and the ascension of humanity. It carries the ascension frequency of 144,000, emanating from Source. Marconics continues to expand and upgrade your consciousness, your connections to your Higher-Self Lineage, and your connection to Source as you receive and say yes to the joy and meaning you desire to express with your life. Some begin with the No Touch Protocol to get a sense of the energy. It is very welcoming and although it is not a physical healing modality, physical healings have occurred. Marconics is primarily an energy for ascension (the incremental raising of vibration to higher vibrations and frequencies). Others jump right into the Quantum Recalibration Process and come back to the No Touch for a boost when they desire it. For both processes you lay on a massage table with your eyes closed. The No Touch is an hour session and can be received in person or remotely from a Marconics Practitioner. The Quantum Recalibration is two, one-hour sessions and must be received in person from an advanced practitioner.

Marconics No Touch Energy Session

The No Touch Energy Session is a sacred sharing of high vibrational frequencies that can transform your life, where the practitioner, acts as a bridge between the Marconic Energy and Higher Beings who deliver the energy to you. The recalibration raises your vibrational frequency to release 3rd dimensional programming by streaming the Marconic’s energy to selected points on your body’s own Axiatonal grid (meridians of the Light/Energy Body). Marconics Energy works in conjunction with your Higher-Self to help release karma and help your body assimilate the higher ascension energies. The No Touch Energy session activates the 5th Dimensional Body template and is also used as an on-going therapy. No Touch sessions are about one hour and can be received in person or remotely.

Marconics Quantum Recalibration

This is a message from my Higher-Selves describing the Quantum Recalibration from their perspective. “The Quantum Recalibration aligns you with your higher-self linage. It creates a conscious link to knowing, wisdom, and your mission. When your light-body is restructured, true alignment begins. You have always been who you are at your core. After recalibration, it will no longer be hidden from you. You will be more of who you are. Others will not determine your path. Your own developed meaning for life and your commitment, will determine your path, your mission in form. We suggest you dive in (smiling, after careful consideration, of course.)” “A Marconics Recalibration is a Human Upgrade, it re-tools the three dimensional body to become multi-dimensional, able to experience, perceive and thrive in Higher dimensions.” This advanced protocol uncaps, cleanses, and realigns your chakras so they can access higher dimensions as they are meant to do upon releasing 3rd dimensional programming. You will be given a new light-body grid system and clearing of up to 51% of your karma. The recalibration brings YOUR multiple Higher-Self identities down to merge with the physical body. It creates peace and balance in the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Marconics helps you to become more present, activates and increases your awareness (finally, you are able to enjoy more and more now moments), and aligns you with Source. The Quantum Recalibration consist of two sessions ideally 24 hours apart and no more than 72 hours apart. The practitioner again serves as a bridge for the energy to flow through to the client.

The Call

I invite you to speak with me if becoming a Marconics practitioner or teacher is calling to you. It is the highest spiritual, vibrational modality I have found. To be a practitioner is to share the sacred frequency that moves from the higher dimensions to your client. Marconics is an amazing gift to assist Lightworkers around the planet to light-up their own life, enhance their gifts, and ignite the missions they are here to share at this time of accelerated possibility. We are here to support you.

Book An Appointment or Simply Talk

It would be my honor to assist you with Marconics No Touch and Recalibration Sessions. I reside in Chandler, Arizona about 20 to 30 minutes South-East of Phoenix, Arizona. If this is too far for you in person, I will do my best to locate an advanced practitioner closer to you. Just send me an email if you desire to book a remote No Touch Session, an in-person No Touch Session or an in-person Quantum Recalibration Session.

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